2021 Retreat {Invited} goody bag


Enjoy these Treats as your Retreat!

Instagram Templates

Start of your Retreat with some fun!
Fill out the “This or That Retreat Edition” template and then share it to instagram for a fun way to get to know your online Retreat community!

Use the “Expats Now” template as an icebreaker game if you are gathering as a group. And then, whether you are a part of a group or retreating alone, share your template on Instagram to gather some great suggestions and learn from your Retreat community!

Be sure to tag us @velvet_ashes!

Wallpapers and Lock Screens

We know that having an online retreat can invite distraction from the devices we are using to retreat with. We have created special Velvet Ashes Retreat Lock Screens and Wallpapers for your computer or phone to help you be reminded of this special time you have set aside to retreat. You can also choose to use these as digital reminders after you retreat of the ways God met you here and the lessons you want to take back into your daily life!

Photos by Annie Spratt.

Art Printable

Print this beautiful 5x7 art piece to interact with during the Closing Session and take home a visual reminder of God’s invitation to you. Choose between two color palettes.


Enjoy this gorgeous instrumental music by Eine Blume during your retreat.

  1. 1. peace Eine Blume 5:03
  2. 2. calming Eine Blume 5:42
  3. 3. rest Eine Blume 6:30
  4. 4. transition Eine Blume 4:48
  5. 6. movement Eine Blume 6:28
  6. 5. shepherd Eine Blume 3:54
  7. 7. love it lifted me Eine Blume 2:21
  1. 1. Fall 3:27
  2. 2. Winter 4:08
  3. 3. Spring 4:59
  4. 4. Summer 3:03
  5. 5. Threshold 13:30

Food & Spa Recipes