Join us as we explore the desire for home. Together we’ll journey through the powerful pathway that Solomon’s temple provides for us today. We’ll invite the Holy Spirit to draw our heart’s into deeper connection with God.

How does this work?

Choose a time and location that works for you. Join the global community April 22-24.

Choose to retreat in solitude or community.

Velvet Ashes provides:

  • Videos by spiritual director Danielle Wheeler to guide you through your retreat experience
  • A printable Retreat Guide with suggested schedules, simple supply list, journaling space, and guided time with God.
  • Intimate worship video by Eine Blume
  • Impactful movement video by Fitness for the Field
  • Inspiring story videos from cross-cultural women
  • Digital goody bag with gorgeous printable art page, music downloads, games, and so much more!
  • Instrumental Music newly composed by Eine Blume  just for this retreat experience! Perfect to listen to throughout your entire retreat.
  • Opportunities for deeper community engagement and additional resources through our membership site!

What people say about Velvet Ashes Retreats

“Just ran to the checkout! It doesn't matter what the theme is, I know the Lord will show up with me at the VA retreats.”
“I found Velvet Ashes Retreats, and they have been a tremendous blessing.”
“I don't even pause to think about it anymore. As soon as I get the ‘registration is open’ email, I click and register. God has never failed to meet with me on these retreats.”

Host A Group

Sign up to get the host guide.

Our host guide provides everything you need to know to lead a virtual or in-person group retreat. Offering a retreat has never been simpler. Sign up to receive the host guide and access our special Retreat Host Facebook Group.

NOTE: Hosts still need to register for the retreat separately.


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply find a place where you want to experience the Retreat. Women retreat in hotels, guest houses, Air BnB’s, homes, tree houses, even your own bedroom. You’ll just need a computer (you may want to connect to a large screen) and a few simple supplies (we’ll email you the list). We’ll provide the rest! You’ll simply log in to access all materials.

Do this alone as a personal retreat or gather a group of women and retreat together.

The global community will retreat together the weekend of April 22-24.

When you purchase the retreat you will have lifetime access but we encourage you to make plans to retreat with the worldwide community on retreat weekend.

We raise funds so that we can keep the cost of this retreat very minimal for you.

$25 – Early Bird Retreat Registration (5 days only!) February 21-25

$35 – Retreat Registration 

Both early bird and retreat registration are lifetime access!

Annual Members –  You have access to this retreat, as well as our Unplugged retreat and 4-quarterly webinars.  If you are interested in becoming an annual member join the waitlist here!

We have a limited number of Retreat Scholarships available if the cost would prevent you from participating, you can request a scholarship here.

If you’d like to help make the Retreat possible for others, you can give a donation to the Retreat Scholarship Fund.

Lifetime Access: With Lifetime Access your retreat will always be available to you in your Velvet Ashes account and there is no time limit to download your content. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing you can always revisit this retreat at any time in the future.

Glad you asked! Gather a group of women in your area. Sign up to be a Retreat host. The Host Guide will have it all planned for you, so you don’t have to stress. As a Retreat Host, you’ll get to join a private Retreat Host Facebook group where we’ll share ideas, answer questions and pray for each other. The Host Guide will help you plan a Retreat that is just right for you and your group, and it will show you how to have a Retreat that provides both solitude and community.

All are welcome! While the Retreat is crafted especially for women who are serving overseas or who have returned from life overseas, so much of the Retreat content is universal to all women. All are invited to retreat and experience God’s presence.

The Retreat is designed in a flexible way so that you can find an option that best works for you:

Two nights – It’s truly ideal to get away for two nights.This is a new recommendation for this year, because experience has taught us this is what works best, especially for groups. We’ve found there is real value to arriving at your Retreat location in the late afternoon. Then you can begin the Retreat in the evening followed by a whole Retreat day the next day. Then you don’t have to worry about packing up and leaving until the following morning. There is something about having a full day with no travel (even short travel) involved that is especially renewing. It allows your brain to unplug from any details or to-do’s for a whole day. This two-night format is the best fit for the flow of the Retreat.

Find a hotel or guesthouse where you can retreat. We know that won’t be possible for everyone. But do try. Use the VA Retreat as an invitation to care for your soul in a way that you normally wouldn’t allow yourself. Because chances are, you need it.


One night retreat – If two nights is not possible, it can be done as a one night retreat. 


Full day – If an overnight experience doesn’t work for you or your group, you can enjoy a morning to evening retreat. You won’t be able to fit in all of the Retreat elements, but, don’t worry, you’ll have 30 days to access the Retreat elements on your own after the Retreat.

Retreat access will open on April 8 (6pm EST), so you can have time to print the Retreat Guide and download any videos (Downloading is only necessary if you will not have fast internet at your Retreat location).

We’ve made the materials downloadable so that you don’t have to stream them. Retreat access will open April 9th, so you will have time to  download everything before you head to your Retreat. If videos are too difficult for you to download, we have everything available in audio files. Because we love all you ladies in the bush of Africa!

Part of what makes the Velvet Ashes Retreat so special is that we’re doing it together all across the world. So if you can’t do it April 22-24, you’ll miss out on that dynamic. But we know not everyone will be able to participate then. That is what makes having lifetime access a real blessing! You can do this retreat whenever your schedule permits.

If downloading is difficult/expensive in your area, you are welcome to have one person download and share the materials with others via flash drives or other means. However, each person still needs to register and pay for the Retreat. We want to be able to continue offering this retreat for you and payment for the Retreat makes this possible. When each person registers they receive the preparation and follow up emails as well as access to the community interaction that happens on the Retreat site.

Nope! When you purchase an annual membership you are done registering for the entire year! Each time a new Retreat or Webinar becomes available, it will automatically show up in your Velvet Ashes membership account when you log in. Well done! You got the best value for this Retreat!

Nope, definitely not! This Retreat is for everyone, whether you are in a season of thriving or struggling. It’s a special time for you to dig into God’s Word and encounter his presence, something you need in any season of life. The Retreat provides tools and ideas to help you continue to grow spiritually and emotionally.

We’re excited to offer English closed captions/subtitles for all of our videos to aid those who are not native English speakers or are hearing impaired. At this time we are not able to offer the retreat in other languages.

Yes! Not only are you getting the best value for your money, there will be special bonus retreat content and community interaction all month long on the Velvet Ashes Membership site. To join the waitlist for open membership click here.

There is a blue chat box in the lower right hand corner that says “Hello”. Use that to ask our team any questions you have. We’re here to help! If no one is available at that time (our Retreat team is based in the U.S.), you can always email us here. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.