Language Learning for Women: Advice for Learners at Every Level


It is well known that learning the language(s) of the people you live among is essential to being a thriving cross-cultural worker. Yet, actually doing the work of language learning is often an exhausting challenge and can seem like a mountain that will never be fully climbed. Add to that the common challenges and responsibilities of being a woman in a cross-cultural worker environment, and it can sometimes seem nearly impossible.

Join Dr. Natalie Mullen Leisher from the Institute for Cross-Cultural Training at Wheaton College to hear practical ways to be successful in language learning on the field, no matter where you are in your language learning journey. She will present research-informed advice and information for language learners at every proficiency level, and speak specifically to ways that women can face their unique challenges and embrace their unique opportunities as they strive to learn the language(s) of the people they live among and love.