JOIN US OCT 8 - 11 ( choose one day )



for our annual Velvet Ashes Unplugged Retreat!

No need to plug into anything. This Retreat is protected from the distractions that devices may bring into the precious time you have set aside to renew, refresh, and reconnect with Jesus.

If the simplicity of time with your Savior is what you are longing for, this Retreat is for you.

We have created a full day retreat that walks you to the heart of your own relationship with God. Whether you’re overwhelmed in a season of grief and fear, or in a time of rejoicing, rest, and renewal, this retreat is for you. Learn from Jesus as you form your own steps towards a more intimate relationship with God through prayer.

Simply print out the Retreat Guide and find a space to retreat. Enjoy a day unplugged from technology, and rest in the renewing presence of God.

Choose one day Oct 8-11. Join us for the Live Debrief Webinar Oct 14th 9am EST.

Registration includes
– Access to your printable retreat guide (available Sept 25).
– Invitation to join our Live Debrief Webinar (or replay video).


Frequently Asked Questions

Simply find a place where you want to experience the Retreat. Women retreat in hotels, guest houses, Air BnB’s, homes, tree houses, even your own bedroom. After registering, simply log in to access your retreat guide. You’ll only need your printed retreat guide, a Bible, and a few simple supplies (we’ll email you the list). Once you have downloaded your retreat guide you can put away all technology and enjoy time unplugged from devices.

Do this alone as a personal retreat or gather a group of women and retreat together.

The global community will retreat together the weekend of Oct 8-11.

This retreat can be done in one full day morning to night. The ideal is to get away to a quiet place for two nights (arriving in the evening of the first day and departing in the morning of the third day). This way, you can devote one entire day to the retreat. This is highly recommended in order to fully unwind and open to what God has for you to receive. However if you need to arrive in the morning and leave in the evening, that will work too.

If you need to break up the retreat into different chunks of time over multiple days, that is always an option; however, many people find the impact and renewal is lessened when compared to one full day of retreat.

Retreat access remains open for 30 days. You will receive an email reminding you to be sure and have your Retreat Guide downloaded by November 5th. After this date the retreat will only be available to those who purchase the retreat with Lifetime Access.

Then you are definitely in need of this Retreat. Can we gently nudge you to ask for help so you can have this time? Ask your husband to be on kid duty. Swap babysitting with another mom. Entrust a local friend. Maybe you stay close enough to nurse the baby who won’t take a bottle. Maybe you retreat to your bedroom and lock the door. Whatever it looks like, this can happen for you too. You just need to ask for help.

We raise funds so that we can keep the cost of this retreat very minimal for you.

$12 – Limited Access Registration (Available August 8 -October 13)

With Limited Access Registration you have access to your Download for 30 Days. After this time your access expires and Lifetime Access is required to Download your Retreat Guide.

$15- Lifetime Access Registration

With Lifetime Access Registration you have the opportunity to download or re download your Retreat Guide anytime. Whether you plan to do this retreat at a much later date or want the option to repeat this experience for years to come.

We have a limited number of Retreat Scholarships available if the cost would prevent you from participating, you can request a scholarship here.

If you’d like to help make the Retreat possible for others, you can give a donation to the Retreat Scholarship Fund.

Yes! If you have a group locally or virtually that you want to retreat with, go for it! We strongly encourage you to set aside three chunks of time for solitude during the retreat. Questions are included in the retreat guide for you to share and process as a group for each of these sections. In order for you to have enough time for enjoying community without sacrificing your times of solitude, you will benefit from having an additional morning and/or evening.

All are welcome! While the Retreat is crafted especially for women who are serving overseas or who have returned from life overseas, so much of the Retreat content is universal to all women. All are invited to retreat and experience God’s presence.

Retreat access will open on Sept 24 (6pm EST), so you can have time to print the Retreat Guide before your planned Retreat day.

We love retreating as a global community and debriefing together, so we set aside one weekend to do it together. But if you aren’t able to do it that weekend, you don’t have to miss out. Retreat access opens Sept 24. Download your retreat guide anytime after this until November 5. If you miss the Live Debrief Webinar, you can view the replay video. An email will be sent to you with the link for the video.

Limited Access is the most economical option. With Limited Access you have a window of time to download the retreat material. After Limited Access has closed you will no longer have access to your download. This option is best if you know you will be able to download all retreat material during the download window and have no desire to have access to the download after the retreat.

Lifetime Access allows you to purchase now and have continual access to download your material no matter when you choose to do this retreat. This is a great option if you don’t know when you’ll have time to retreat; if this is a gift for someone who may not have time to retreat during limited access download; if you want to have the option to re use this retreat in the future.

We want to be able to continue offering this retreat for you and payment for the Retreat makes this possible.

It’s easy to register a group for the Retreat. On the first page of registration, choose the “Group Registration” button. After you click on “Group Registration”, choose how many people you want to register. The amount charged will be automatically figured. Follow the prompts to checkout, and fill out the billing information. On that page, you have two options to send the gift credits. “Gift to Someone Else” – you will list each email address to send them to, along with a message to the receiver, if you choose. Or “Send to Me” -the gift credits will be sent to the purchaser who can then distribute them as they choose. Then complete checkout. It’s very simple!

There is a blue chat box in the lower right hand corner that says “Hello”. Use that to ask our team any questions you have. We’re here to help! If no one is available at that time (our Retreat team is based in the U.S.), you can always email us here. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Question for you!

How can our Prayer Team be praying for you?

What’s going on in your life right now? We want to lift you in prayer both as you prepare for the Retreat and during your Retreat. Please let us know how we can pray for you. Check out our Prayer Wall where you can post a prayer request or submit a request by email. Let us cover you in prayer!